Making creative use of media

The following guiding ideas on the topics and fields of action that concern us describe our aims and form the basis of our work:

  • Professional competence and experience form the basis for our educational, advisory and informational programme, of our publications and events.
  • Media afford opportunities to participate in information flows and communication as well as opening up chances for one's own creativity.
  • Involving children and young people in discourse on society is indispensable. We support this stance with our encouragement of creative action, with our broad range of offers to promote media literacy, and our activities to support young talent.
  • Commitment to a cause needs publicity and dialogue. To provide such a sounding board, we have established panels for youth cultures to express themselves and enter an inter-generational dialogue and for raising public awareness for youth-related topics and children's and teenagers' perspectives.
  • Critical support provides guidance. We focus on quality media and offer independent advice on media, based on professional expertise and adapted to age groups.
  • Demographic change, integration of migrants and gender equality are fundamental challenges to society. As we see it, they also offer opportunities and open up perspectives for our work.
  • We give impetus in the fields of educational activity – especially for all those who support youngsters as they grow up. This includes people working in out-of-school youth work and in schools, parents, those working in vocational training or other organisations in the field of cultural, educational and social work.
  • We initiate innovation. We initiate and put into practice model projects and scientific research, furnish professional opinions, and carry out surveys.
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